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In early 2013 after releasing the critically acclaimed Reflections of Reality (Remixed Double LP) involving collaboration with 14 producers that generated 57 EDM Folktronica remixes spanning the genres of Dubstep, House, Trance, Hip Hop, and more... from the 7 original acoustic folk songs, Jason Garriotte (aka Chords of Truth) packed up his car and hit the road.

Traveling from city to city performing, writing songs, and working on business projects along the way led him to Southern California where he recorded and released the singles "Wonder" and "Freedom", along with recording a third song called "Pattern" which was released to all the major music networks on February 22, 2019!

"Pattern" is a classic acoustic folk fingerpicking track starting with just Garriotte on guitar and vocals that builds into a full band experience with a funky bass line, driving drum beat, and a chorus of harmonies performed/produced by Jeffrey Joslin.

"Chords of Truth" took a break from recording and performing music during 2017-2019 but continued writing and will begin releasing new songs and playing live shows again in 2020. He has also created a smart cartoon comedy animated web series and podcast called "MindStretch with Fletch" using his new song "Pattern" as the theme song for the series.

The show expands on the lyrical subject matter of "Chords of Truth" providing another creative medium for discussing topics like science, philosophy, spirituality, music, movies, self improvement, and more in an introspective and comedic format as an effort to help stretch minds and expand global consciousness.

PASTE Magazine wrote of Wonder, "Garriotte's heavenly voice evokes emotion and a whimsical feel throughout, as he pulls at your very heartstrings. Taking a page out of the book of artists such as Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen..."  with No Depression stating, "Freedom shines with ambition throughout. With a sound that is equal parts distinct and familiar, Garriotte carries the piece like the musical force that he is."

Chords of Truth has toured a variety of cities throughout the United States playing countless shows.

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