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If so... then let me introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Jason Garriotte (aka Chords of Truth)... and I write, record, and perform ORIGINAL MUSIC along with covers of some of your favorite classic singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, and others...
And like I just used that list of musicians to give you an idea of what my songs might sound like... here is the best way I can think of to quickly explain my lyrics.
If you're into existential and personal development concepts like the powers of attention, intention, attraction, and NOW... then I think you'll be very into my lyrics.
Honestly... I don't even know how to explain it. But as I went to write my first songs back in 2011, all of these concepts I had learned over the years just seemed to pour out.
In the form of poetically and musically based expressions.
Example lines from a few of my first songs:
"Reaction is the result of action. The vibrations impact energy patterns. They crash around like waves. Influencing the way we behave"
"This begs a question that you should ask. What is the trustworthy view through the looking glass. Cause all events can be seen from different sides. The ones in power decide how they guide."
"I’ve found one universal truth is that between every thought are infinite possibilities. In each instant you decide the way that life proceeds. So you can create or destroy."
Now... I consider those lyrics to be gifts haha. So I'm wanting to pass those on to you. Not only now but into the future.
I never really know what I'm going to create, but I have always enjoyed seeing where a project can go. Then putting it online for others to enjoy.
...and if you are one of those people that like what you've seen and heard so far... then please...

Follow along with me on our journey into the future... together!

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Join today to receive the full 10 song album "Shadows Sessions" with chords / lyrics sheets... FOR FREE!