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Quick Full Album Song Preview

Reflections of Reality (Oraku Indie Remix) - Full EP

Chords of Truth - Reflections of Reality
(Oraku Indie Remix)

Chords of Truth

Oraku Bio


Pierre Vergeat (aka Oraku) is a French musician living in Bordeaux and the electronic producer behind this brilliant piece of work. For the past 7 years he has developed a musical universe through his personal projects and post-rock/ambient band Lyan.

HIs combination of beats and rhythms cleverly weaved into classic folk style recordings has created a dynamic new sound which can best be described as "Indie".

He has taken the deep lyrics and vocal storytelling of "Chords of Truth" to a whole new level of energetic vibration through personal reinterpretation and created something unique.

As you hear these songs you will probably feel compelled to just let yourself go. While simultaneously visualizing new ways to look at the world around you and how to make that a more enjoyable experience.

"...Oraku, aka Pierre Vergeat, does a great job expanding and enhancing the emotion of the original version... The added beats and inter-verse melodies are bringing the songs to the verge of neofolk, dance alternative and post-punk.

The cold, detached vocal production contributes to the multidimensional feel of the record."  ...full review     The Sound Gazebo

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"...this is the type of music that makes your brain vibrate"
...full review     Indie Shuffle

...Jason Garriotte appears to be following in the steps of Dylan by reaching a different type of folk and changing the aspects of the experience. ...full review   The Huffington Post

Folk music that could have easily come from an anti-war troubadour in the 60’s and modern electronic music producers together at last..."   ...full review   All Whats Rock

"Garriotte and his team of electro wizards tinker with, tweak, and retool the already outstanding songs into hyper-modern folktronic meditations that twist and caterwaul through the vague ether that seperates pop and ambient music."  ...full review   The 8th Circuit

You could literally drop some of these tracks at any club and they would fit right in, the mixes and beats are that good. You will find it impossible to not groove to these songs. ...full review JamSphere
Folktronica is what Chords of Truth exemplifies. The sounds emanating from the double LP project, Reflections of Reality, is a sonic journey that is fascinating. Using a myriad of producers to remix the songs, the brainchild of Chords of Truth, Jason Garriotte, sought to craft a mind-expanding voyage. "    ...full review   The Examiner
"’s Folktronica; essentially, it’s a bit of the traditional world music with a 10 megaton missile strapped to its backside."   ...full review   Music News
"Jason Garriotte is an artist that has created his own genre in the music industry."
...full review