When I Was Wasted

by Chords of Truth

Phrases are formed
as a sequence of words
And countless are frequently heard
Which words to choose
can be used and abused
When people are getting wasted

They seem to be
sharing stories with me
That display the courage
they thirst naturally
When they are sober

They say when I was wasted
Remember when I was wasted
I was cool when I was wasted

In this state of mind
fate seems divine
And the narrative is aligned
With this one time
you crossed over the line
And got totally wasted

If this occurs try to discern
Whether this story
really needs to be heard
Or is it stupid 

No really this time I got wasted 
I was seriously wasted 
I was a fool when I was wasted

Now don’t get me wrong
as I sing you this song
I love a buzz all day long

But I stay controlled
as I let myself go
Even as I get wasted

Rolling with new plans,
avoiding one night stands
Keeping myself safe
and away from gangland
It’s about choices 

It’s such a blast to get wasted 
Right now I am wasted 
You won't believe what I did
When I was wasted

When I was wasted
When I was wasted
When I was wasted