Introspective Acoustic Folk Singer-Songwriter

Original and cover songs performed in the classic 60-70's acoustic folk style of artists like Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, John Denver, Simon & Garfunkel and others... from a modern artist...

... with lyrical themes consisting largely of existential and personal development concepts like the powers of attention, intention, attraction, and NOW... amongst others!

Album Reviews

"While making great strides in arrangements, accessibility and production, in his previous works, those recordings don’t share the same sense of understated intimacy associated with “Shadows Sessions”.

Here Chords of Truth morphs once again, and emerges with a bare-boned aesthetic that puts his lyrics and storytelling even more at the forefront of his songs than they already are." full review
  Jamsphere Music Magazine

"Crisp & clean acoustic guitar, the bold vocals of Garriotte leading the way, and lyricism that shows a depth of insightful wisdom and genuine thought put into his words...

...Listen to this dude’s voice will ya? Jason’s always had a great one – but there’s no doubt that what you hear now is coming from a seasoned veteran of the music-scene, more robust & bold than ever, even in the delicate acoustic settings he creates.

He’s gotten a really great recording on these tracks that really allow his vocals and music to come alive. “Authenticity” is a perfect example of that...’s got that like... eeriness like a song like “House Of The Rising Sun” always carried with it... haunting stuff that clings to your bones, and rightly so.
Pattern is as memorable as music can be when it comes right down to it, it’s an experience that the DNA of your bones & brainwaves will remember, even years after, I promise ya that. Downright timeless in many ways if you ask me – “Pattern” is a flawless song.

... As Garriotte examines the fabric of our existence and questions whether or not we’re placed here by God or by aliens and what the heck it is we’re all really doing here – you’ll always find incredible value in the words he’s written and his point of view...

...he writes thought-provoking words, delivers them with real emotion and heart, and that consistently shines through the material he creates." full review
  Sleeping Bag Studios