Classic Acoustic Folk Singer/Songwriter

Original and cover songs performed in the classic 60-70's acoustic folk style of artists like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon & Garfunkel and others.

What The Bloggers Are Saying!

"Jason’s ability to use simple, straightforward everyday language to communicate complex ideas is remarkable and rare. Chords of Truth is a wonderful storyteller and his underlying themes are universal."
...full review  Jamsphere Music Magazine

"I really do love that his vocals seem to carry such a naturally knowledgeable sound to them... like you can hear the wheels in his mind turning and these thoughts of his connecting somehow, leading us down the path of his logic, concern, and sense of urgency in helping educate the rest of us."   ...full review  Sleeping Bag Studios

"The sound of this release falls somewhere in between the nocturnal atmospheres of Eddie Vedder’s Into The Wild, and the catchy contemporary folk melodies of artists like Mumford and Sons, with a touch of classic country (Think Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash!)"
...full review  The Band Camp Diaries

"Pattern is a contemporary folk track that pushes forward with its own unique tone. It’s melodic, charming, and powerful in its rolling progressive nature, making it a perfect introduction to one of the most refined folk talents of the last few years."   ...full review  Broken 8 Records

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