Classic Acoustic Folk Singer/Songwriter

Original and cover songs performed in the classic 60-70's acoustic folk style of artists like Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon & Garfunkel and others.

“The Mirage” is right up there with the best of what I’ve heard from Chords Of Truth over the years so’s that strength of the confidence & conviction in his voice that continually keeps us right on the edge our seat, fully captivated within the subtle confines of the warm acoustic-based glow; the contrast between the delicate nature of the music and the power in the vocals is remarkable ...full review  Sleeping Bag Studios

Simple in structure and introspective in musical delivery, “The Mirage” is a profound and evocative listening experience, capable of touching the listener in the most intimate parts of his soul. ...full review   Nova Music

“The Mirage” takes its cues from the folk revival movement of the mid-60s and early 70s. In particular, the minimalistic sound of this arrangement, as well as the insightful nature of the lyrics remind me of artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, and Donovan... an honest, organic and forward-thinking tone to any fan acoustic music with more nuances. ...full review   The Band Camp Diaries

"Garriotte's heavenly voice evokes emotion and a whimsical feel throughout, as he pulls at your very heartstrings. Taking a page out of the book of artists such as Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen, Chords of Truth truly wears his heart on his sleeve." ...full review   PASTE Magazine

"Wonder" A song of hope & action for future civilization... Chords of Truth ...creates music that has heart, embodying what it means to be a singer-songwriter.
...full review  LA Music Blog

... "Jason Garriotte appears to be following in the steps of Dylan by reaching a different type of folk and changing the aspects of the experience." ...full review  The Huffington Post

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