Chords of Truth Post Production Project

Transform Raw Folk Guitar and Vocal Recordings Into Your Own Creation

Over the course of recording my new album "Shadows Sessions" I produced the album myself trying to include multiple instruments, beats, etc... but decided in the end that my songs would be better served in the acoustic guitar and vocal format... if I was going to do it myself. So that's what I released

But after hearing so many other creative versions of what my songs could sound like that just weren't quite the quality they needed to be for a professional release, I would love to hear what other musicians, producers, and DJ's can do with my stems to turn these songs into their own unique creations.

Not only were there so many variations made with using other sounds, but the variety of effects that could be created using various plugins was truly astounding. And could be experimented with indefinitely. So I have included both the DRY un-mixed versions of my stems along with the MIXED versions. So you'll have the option of full control over the final production sound and quality if you want.

I encourage anyone that feels inspired to see what they can do, then share it online or even just with me. If a track turns out to be a release quality version then we can discuss a possible release together. My songs have a positive message and in this time of societal division could have an significant impact on many people... if presented in a high quality, musical format.

I look forward to hearing what you come up with.

Click Here To Download Audio Wav Stems

IMPORTANT NOTE: One rule I have when using my stems or songs is that any lyrics added to the song MUST BE POSITIVE and will not be addressing BLM or Trump or Covid or anything like that specifically. Of course anything modern would have some of this possibly in context. But my message is of unity and freedom so do not want my songs or this project's potential to be sidelined with references to a current hot button topic of the year/years... that does not serve the message.