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"Garriotte's heavenly voice evokes emotion and a whimsical feel throughout, as he pulls at your very heartstrings. Taking a page out of the book of artists such as Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen, Chords of Truth truly wears his heart on his sleeve."...full review   PASTE Magazine

"Wonder" A song of hope & action for future civilization... Chords of Truth ...creates music that has heart, embodying what it means to be a singer-songwriter.
...full review  LA Music Blog

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... Jason Garriotte appears to be following in the steps of Dylan by reaching a different type of folk and changing the aspects of the experience.
...full review  The Huffington Post

What majesty, what inspiration, and deep heartfelt realty that you’ll find in this collection of poetic lyricism , “Dreams, from Chords of Truth” is timeless.
...full review  Nashville Music Guide
"...this is the type of music that makes your brain vibrate" ...full review   Indie Shuffle
"This musician is fulfilling his dream of bringing righteous music to the populous. He’s a teacher and marketing professional who clearly has the right idea: Pursue your dreams with vigor and purpose."...full review  West Coast Rocker

Folk music that could have easily come from an anti-war troubadour in the 60’s and modern electronic music producers together at last... ...full review    All Whats Rock
"’s Folktronica; essentially, it’s a bit of the traditional world music with a 10 megaton missile strapped to its backside."
...full review   Music News
"Jason Garriotte is an artist that has created his own genre in the music industry."...full review   ihearndin
"An Acoustic Powerhouse"
  ...full review   Technorati
"... there’s no denying how absolutely beautiful “Dreams” is. When you listen to the song, you feel like you’re listening to it on the record player, alone in some remote but beautiful place.

It’s just got that timeless feel to it without sounding washed out or old."
 ...full review   Music Unlabeled

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