The Power To Be Alive

(The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix)
ft. Man-u-iLL

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Photographs by Lauren Farrell   
Chords of Truth Debut Acoustic EP
"Reflections of Reality"
Released on January 2, 2012

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"An Acoustic Powerhouse"   ...full review   Technorati

"This is purposeful music brimming with clarity and hope. Chords of Truth fits in nicely with rock and folk music’s tradition of brilliant lyricists." ...full review  James Moore-IMP

Chords of Truth is a musical reminder of some basic life principals that will improve your life if you listen to and apply them...  

The first track, “Tune Your Mind,” seems to be a musical version of the book “The Secret,” which instructs people to think the life they want into reality."    ...full review     Casey Dinkin - Indie Band Guru

"...with a voice that is both tender and masculine, reminiscent of famous voices like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, as well as Celtic styled vocals in general. This makes for an interesting and altogether unique sound projected over the music." ...full review

Plus a few reviews of the remixes!

Example Track: Tune Your Mind (Brandowitsch Electropopfolk Remix)

"...this is the type of music that makes your brain vibrate"
...full review     Indie Shuffle

Folk music that could have easily come from an anti-war troubadour in the 60’s and modern electronic music producers together at last..."
...full review
   All Whats Rock

"Garriotte and his team of electro wizards tinker with, tweak, and retool the already outstanding songs into hyper-modern folktronic meditations that twist and caterwaul through the vague ether that seperates pop and ambient music."  ...full review   The 8th Circuit

You could literally drop some of these tracks at any club and they would fit right in, the mixes and beats are that good. You will find it impossible to not groove to these songs. ...full review  JamSphere

"’s Folktronica; essentially, it’s a bit of the traditional world music with a 10 megaton missile strapped to its backside."  
...full review
  Music News

...Jason Garriotte appears to be following in the steps of Dylan by reaching a different type of folk and changing the aspects of the experience. ...full review   The Huffington Post

"Reflections of Reality" Discography

Chords of Truth
In January of 2012 the original "Acoustic EP" of modern inspirational folk music was released by Chords of Truth. Since that time this album has been transformed into a collection of 65 versions of the original 7 songs, along with music videos, spanning the 10 albums displayed below.   
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Genres include Dubstep, House, Trance, Electrofolk, Progressive, Folktronica, Hip Hop, etc...
Modern Inspirational Folk
(Original Album)
Folktronica Remixes
(Double LP Compilation)

Remixed Reflections of the "Acoustic EP"
Pumping House Music Loud and Crunchy Dubstep Bubbly and Recomposed Beat Driven Progressive
Experimental Neofolk Atmospheric and Chilled Bright and Spooky Dubstep Minimal and Laidback

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