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"Taking a page out of the book of artists such as Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen, Chords of Truth truly wears his heart on his sleeve."  

...full review  PASTE Magazine


"Pattern" is now available for streaming and download on all the major networks including:

Chords of Truth

"I really do love that his vocals seem to carry such a naturally knowledgeable sound to them... like you can hear the wheels in his mind turning and these thoughts of his connecting somehow, leading us down the path of his logic, concern, and sense of urgency in helping educate the rest of us."   ...full review  Sleeping Bag Studios

"Jason’s ability to use simple, straightforward everyday language to communicate complex ideas is remarkable and rare. Chords of Truth is a wonderful storyteller and his underlying themes are universal." ...full review  Jamsphere Music Magazine

"Jason’s sub-brooding terms of affections, jettison the norms of ballads of yore, but retains the sense of urgency, decadently and patiently. It’s a lesson in knowing your bounds of story telling versus the realities of un-enviable struggles and stresses upon a life.   ...full review   comeherefloyd

"The sound of this release falls somewhere in between the nocturnal atmospheres of Eddie Vedder’s Into The Wild, and the catchy contemporary folk melodies of artists like Mumford and Sons, with a touch of classic country (Think Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash!)" ...full review  The Band Camp Diaries

"Pattern is a contemporary folk track that pushes forward with its own unique tone. It’s melodic, charming, and powerful in its rolling progressive nature, making it a perfect introduction to one of the most refined folk talents of the last few years."   ...full review  Broken 8 Records


"Freedom" is now available for streaming and download on all the major networks including:

Chords of Truth

"“Freedom,” the latest single from Los Angeles based Chords of Truth fuses old school folk-rock with the clarity of pop production to create a sound that’s energetic enough to propel your commute and introspective enough for more reflective listening.  ...full review   Viral Pirate

"Garriotte’s multi-layered vocal approach meshes well with a chugging bass line and twangy blues-infused guitar line. Its straightforwardness and well-executed theme is an endearing aspect of Chords of Truth, shown brightly on “Freedom”."  ...full review   Obscure Sound

"...the song itself is so inescapably melodic, and so intensely calm, that you can’t help but find yourself hooked after just a couple of lines. It’s hugely relaxing to press play and let this song work its magic over you.  ...full review   Stereo Stickman

"How a track can sound so solid yet airy is beyond me but Chords of Truth has pulled it off excellently. Each verse is filled with playful overdriven guitars, kind of just, doing their own thing; it is bliss."  ...full review   Audible Addixion

"Freedom shines with ambition throughout. With a sound that is equal parts distinct and familiar, Garriotte carries the piece like the musical force that he is." ...full review   No Depression - The Journal of Roots Music

"...few active songwriters can grab a listener with unpretentious stories and sharply cut images like Chords of Truth. He deftly employs just the right combination of words against the backing of solid Americana-Folk to paint pictures of his vision.  ...full review   Jamsphere Magazine

"Freedom is quickly catchy and a ton of fun to groove & move to…the kind of song that has you proudly singing along by the time the hooks roll around in the chorus... With its catchy & flashy sound and Garriotte’s committed performance – “Freedom” is sure to win you over."  ...full review   Sleeping Bag Studios


"Garriotte's heavenly voice evokes emotion and a whimsical feel throughout, as he pulls at your very heartstrings.

Taking a page out of the book of artists such as Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen, Chords of Truth truly wears his heart on his sleeve.  ...full review
  Paste Magazine

"Chords of Truth ...creates music that has heart, embodying what it means to be a singer-songwriter....full review   LA Music Blog
"Wonder, is a glorious and prominent piece that shows the stunning talent of Garriotte, not only as a songwriter, but as musician as well." ...full review   No Depression - The Journal of Roots Music

"I see this song as a true show of appreciation for the history of the genre that it chooses to play homage to... a methodically paced ballad of a track that fills itself out with beautiful piano, clean guitars, and emotional vocals, while the drums never overstep their boundaries, and through and through this is a truly pleasant listen through." ...full review   PopWrapped

"Chords of Truth’s powerful new single “Wonder” demands change and gives a glimpse of a hopeful world in which humanity is universally cohesive."
...full review
  The Scene Magazine
"This musician is fulfilling his dream of bringing righteous music to the populous. He’s a teacher and marketing professional who clearly has the right idea: Pursue your dreams with vigor and purpose."...full review   West Coast Rocker

"Sweet intentions, melody, harmonies and ambitions flare in the new single “Wonder” by Chords Of Truth... the way that Jason constantly observes and questions through his songs are certainly a proven testament to the fact that he’s consistently thinking about how to improve on the world in which we live...

There’s a great chance you’ll catch its true intentions which in my opinion are somewhat of a challenge, or a musical call-to-arms beckoning us all to become the best versions of ourselves and treat our entire world like the beautiful present it is.
...full review
  Sleeping Bag Studios

""Chords of Truth is actually looking up, when relating his ever-literate tale of down-on-their-luck characters and people who could change the world given the opportunity...

Building from a lone acoustic guitar with flourishes of bass, keyboards, strings and steadfast drumming, Chords of Truth infuses his three-and-a-half-minute labor of love with meaning... dramatic flair, vocal grace that conspicuously distinguishes his sound from roots-rock rasping, and guitar prowess to match.
...full review
  JamSphere Magazine


"Everything about the song is dynamic and meaningful, and if this is the direction that Jason Garriotte is travelling, then I am looking forward to sharing the journey when the new album comes out....full review   Vents Magazine
“Dreams” is just the jolt of optimistic charm you need to jump-start your life and help you get focused... Garriotte’s empowering lyrics are like a dose of meds, or a free therapy session...

"Dreams" forces you to find your life, get organized and aim high! At least if you fall, you’ll still land on a star.
...full review
  Jaded Culture

What majesty, what inspiration, and deep heartfelt realty that you’ll find in this collection of poetic lyricism , “Dreams, from Chords of Truth” is timeless.  ...full review   Nashville Music Guide
"... there’s no denying how absolutely beautiful “Dreams” is. When you listen to the song, you feel like you’re listening to it on the record player, alone in some remote but beautiful place.

It’s just got that timeless feel to it without sounding washed out or old."  ...full review   Music Unlabeled

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"Moon Time"

"... the voice draws you in, and then you’ll want to hear more, know more, and  understand what the lyrics mean.

... the magic of the 70’s reveals itself through Chords of Truth and I’m certain he would have felt at home in the company of Gordon Lightfoot, Don Mclean, Arlo Guthrie or Jim Croce, among a host of others."
...full review
"Features folky acoustic strumming combined with vocals and harmonies that remind me of classic artists such as Cat Stevens and John Denver. Moon Time is extremely catchy and delivers a great message."  ...full review   Muzic Notez
“Moon Time will take your ears on a philosophical journey through nature and time guided by the reassuring hook." ...full review    Indigo Indie

"As you listen to the lyrics you are seeing that Jason delves deep into each song and his thirst for gaining and sharing knowledge ... with a chorus that stays in your head way after the song is over"   ...full review   Indie Band Guru

"If people are looking for an easy-going, endearing track that raises questions about our natural world, they’ll be in luck. With Moon Time, Chords of Truth continues to carry on the folk tradition of vocal-driven, thought-provoking music."    ...full review     24 Our Music

"Reflections of Reality" Project

Original Acoustic EP

"An Acoustic Powerhouse"   ...full review   Technorati
"The album is a consummate blend of acoustic-guitar driven folk-rock with touches of Celtic undertones, which incorporate soothing layers of vocal harmonies and delicate piano interludes, sparsely sprinkled across the musical arrangements ...

The final production generates the impression that we are all comfortably sitting in the same room, while Jason strums his guitar and sings his life-inspiring songs."       ...full review
   Jamsphere - The Indie Rock Magazine and Radio Network

"This is purposeful music brimming with clarity and hope. Chords of Truth fits in nicely with rock and folk music’s tradition of brilliant lyricists."   ...full review   James Moore | Independent Music Promotion
"... with a voice that is both tender and masculine, reminiscent of famous voices like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, as well as Celtic styled vocals in general. This makes for an interesting and altogether unique sound projected over the music."     ...full review
"... Jason doesn't find it necessary to hide behind lush arrangements and percussion... Reflections of Reality is calm, genuine, and well worth the listen."     ...full review    Sergeant Sparrow Records
"Chords of Truth is an up-and-coming acoustic/folk singer/songwriter who I believe is striking some deep truths (or "pointing at them", since words can only point) with his lyrics and music  ... while the music is restrained acoustic material, the lyrics are closest to the spiritual output of Tool's Maynard James Keenan. His voice sounds wise and knowing."      
...full review
Chords of Truth is a musical reminder of some basic life principals that will improve your life if you listen to and apply them...      

The first track, “Tune Your Mind,” seems to be a musical version of the book “The Secret,” which instructs people to think the life they want into reality."    ...full review     Casey Dinkin - Indie Band Guru
Jason Garriotte is a unique story teller with a distinct bass voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash. As you listen, “Tune Your Mind” produces an intoxicating mind trip of self reflection presenting ideas and offering solutions for creating the world you want.     10 Mile Stereo
Reflections of Reality is a musical thesis in the existentialism of life on the bigger scale that is impacted by the miniscule scale of one’s self in the grand scheme of themes.   ...full review    Target Audience Magazine

Folktronica Remixes

"’s Folktronica; essentially, it’s a bit of the traditional world music with a 10 megaton missile strapped to its backside."   ...full review   Music News
"Jason Garriotte is an artist that has created his own genre in the music industry."
...full review
"...this is the type of music that makes your brain vibrate"
...full review     Indie Shuffle

Folk music that could have easily come from an anti-war troubadour in the 60’s and modern electronic music producers together at last..."   
...full review
   All Whats Rock
...Jason Garriotte appears to be following in the steps of Dylan by reaching a different type of folk and changing the aspects of the experience. ...full review   The Huffington Post
"Folktronica is what Chords of Truth exemplifies. The sounds emanating from the double LP project, Reflections of Reality, is a sonic journey that is fascinating. Using a myriad of producers to remix the songs, the brainchild of Chords of Truth, Jason Garriotte, sought to craft a mind-expanding voyage. "   
...full review
  The Examiner
"You could literally drop some of these tracks at any club and they would fit right in, the mixes and beats are that good. You will find it impossible to not groove to these songs."   ...full review   JamSphere
"Garriotte and his team of electro wizards tinker with, tweak, and retool the already outstanding songs into hyper-modern folktronic meditations that twist and caterwaul through the vague ether that seperates pop and ambient music."  ...full review   The 8th Circuit
"... is refreshingly, an easy listen and could quite suitably be placed on the soundtrack of a trendy indie film, background elevator music, at a car wash or drumming out of a heaving nightclub. Not to displace the earnest nature of the lyrical quality though; the tunes touch on existentialism, philosophy, the universe, science, but not forgetting the simple qualities in life including being punch drunk or addicted to fizzy pop." ...full review    7 Bit Arcade
"From replicated echoing to trip-hop reverbs to melancholic shimmerings of the contemplative icy flowing of existential inquiries, the Chords of Truth remixes result in musical styles reminiscent of Wolfsheim, Covenant, and Beborn Beton. "    ...full review   Music Artery
"Some part of my brain really dug listening to this music, and it wanted me to put it back playing again right away. It was almost like withdrawal or something."     ...full review  Nerdy Nothings

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