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Chords of Truth Acoustic Project

Since the release of the Chords of Truth debut album "Reflections of Reality" it has been receiving a tremendous response online. It seems to be truly resonating with people on many levels and am so honored to be a part of helping create that experience.

The EP consists of classic singer/songwriter folk style recordings using vocals, acoustic guitar and piano with lyrics that inspire the soul to look at the world in new ways.

So to better paint the lyrical picture of these songs fans have created music videos for everyone to enjoy. Over the coming months there will be many more videos created and updated to this project.

So if you are inspired by any of these songs feel free to create a new artistic expression and share it online. Then let me know it's out there and I will add it to this page.

I truly hope you enjoy these songs and videos.
Thanks for listening, ~Chords of Truth


Reflections of Reality (Acoustic EP)
Music Videos created by the Fans

   1. Tune Your Mind (Acoustic)

... to be created    

   2. Listen (Acoustic)

Video by Tim Eddy    
Using the lyrics as text based graphics, Tim uses a clever combination of words and shapes to follow the concepts and story of the song.

   3. Moments (Acoustic)

Video by Stephen Patek Video by Jelena Kukic Video by Alan Kinney
This video follows a deep narrative between several different people that are all having intense personal experiences. The production level of this video is amazing.
This video follows a young girl with her horse and dog through a series of experiences. If you are into horse riding you will especially enjoy this video.
Using carefully chosen combinations of videos and images, this video follows the lyrical story of the song. It gives you a visual representation of what the lyrics are saying.

   4. When I Was Wasted (Acoustic)  

Video by Aditya Prasad  
Aditya uses an empty bottle and an apartment in combination with various camera techniques to tell this story. Several visual effects were used along with a couple cool ideas for scenes.

   5. The Power To Be Alive (Acoustic)

Video by Tim Sage Video by Jason Swinchock Video by Nate & Trey
This video follows a deep narrative between several different people that are all having intense personal experiences. The production level of this video is amazing.
This video follows a man in various locations thinking, searching, etc... The footage choices were skillfully shot and edited to convey the story of the song.
Thoughtful imagery was used following a young man through a series of observations of various types of life. Using effective slow motion, transitions and close ups.

Video by Oraku Video by Gina Jordan  
This video uses powerful imagery, slow motion, time-lapse and effective transitions to conceptualize the feel of the song. Very well thought out visual choices for the lyrics.
This was actually the very first video I saw for one of my songs. This video is a collection of images that portray different types of people from the famous and powerful to the poor and downtrodden. It definitely gave me the chills.

   6. Pop or Soda (Acoustic)

... to be created    

   7. What Life Is About (Acoustic)

Video by Aditya Prasad Video by Nate Christofferson Video by Lucy Cain
Aditya takes us on a train ride to visit the Taj Majal with an acoustic guitar fingerpicking soundtrack.
Nate takes us along with him on a family vacation. Great footage of rocks, cliffs and caverns with people enjoying the beautiful scenery.
This video uses a series of vintage video clips, pictures and well used transitions to tell the story of the song. Showing people living, loving... real life all to the soft fingerpicking of an acoustic guitar.

Video by Rachel Hardy    
Using split screen effects and time-lapse video, this video shows people of all kinds participating in the experience of life. Footage was shot in Indianapolis, IN.

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