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Chords of Truth Remixed Project

This project has been an amazing experience connecting with talented electronic producers from all over the world to create this diverse blend of music for everyone to enjoy.

Since the release of the Chords of Truth debut album "Reflections of Reality" it has been receiving a tremendous response online. The music seems to be truly resonating with people on many levels and am so honored to be a part of helping create that experience.

The original EP consists of classic singer/songwriter folk style recordings using vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar and piano. And while this style has a broad audience, it isn't something that appeals to everyone. So in order to reach more people with my music, I decided to take this project to another level.

After the album was finished, I bounced down all the tracks so I could eventually work with an electronic music producer to create remixes for my songs. I have always loved electronic remixes of great songs of every style and wanted to see what they could do with my material. Basically to create a completely new artistic expression using the components of an existing song.

During the course of promoting the EP I contacted a couple producers about remixing songs and some of them turned out absolutely brilliant. Seriously blew my mind. So I became really excited about hearing more versions.

So I uploaded all of my stems to Soundcloud and made them availabe to download for free to use for creating remixes. Then I put together a remixed contest that has resulted in the creation of this incredible collection of music.

  Reflections of Reality
(Remixed Double LP)

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This collection consists of a double disc compilation album of some of the best and most diverse remixes from all the producers involved in this project.

Plus, several producers have created a full 7 song remix EP reflecting their musical styles in remixes of the original acoustic versions. With the whole collection mastered by my good friend and producer Jeffrey Joslin.

You will simply be amazed at how a different perspective on even a song can change almost every aspect of the experience. Imagine the impact a different perspective can have on our life/habits/beliefs if we just keep an open mind and consider the possibilities.

Hopefully as you listen to these remixes, you will come to experience a positive change in the way you look at the world around you. And that this will help you improve your own life. Or just enjoy some badass tunes :)    Thanks for listening, ~Chords of Truth

"...this is the type of music that makes your brain vibrate" - Indie Shuffle

Chords of Truth

Folktronica Remixed Reflections of the original "Acoustic EP"

Click Here for full EP
Click to Hear "Listen"

Click Here for full EP
Click to Hear "Listen"

Click Here for full EP
Hear "The Power To Be Alive"

Click Here for full EP
Hear "The Power To Be Alive"


Click Here for full EP
Hear "Tune Your Mind"

Click Here for full EP
Click to Hear "Moments"

Click Here for full EP
Hear "Pop or Soda"

Click Here for full EP
Hear "When I Was Wasted"

Chords of Truth - Reflections of Reality (Remixed Double LP)

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"...this is the type of music that makes your brain vibrate"
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