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Chords of Truth Remix Contest 2012

Submission dates | May 4 - July 10, 2012 |

July 20th Update: FINAL RESULTS
I have spent the last week and a half listening to all of the contest submissions many times. This is absolutely amazing stuff and I want to thank everyone that created a remix. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them and so will many others over the years to come. Trust me, even if you did not win a prize I want you to know that I was torn over having to leave anyone out. In fact, because of how much trouble I had deciding on only 2 remixes, there will be an additional 5 finalists that will receive $20 each. Which was equally hard to cut off, but it has to stop somewhere and I did my best.

Thanks again for an incredible contest. ~Chords of Truth

WINNER - Niklas Großwald - Tune Your Mind (Momentum Remix)
RUNNER UP - LORDBRET - The Power To Be Alive (Progressive Remix)

Digital Energy - Tune Your Mind (Rock Remix) Green Raver - Listen (Folkstep Remix)
Venumb - Listen (Dubstep Remix)   Polarix - Moments (Electro Remix)
Oraku - Tune Your Mind (Indie Remix)    

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am going to be leaving this contest project up indefinitely. So if you want to challenge yourself to creating a remix and then submit it to the Chords of Truth Remixed Soundcloud group, I will add it for everyone to enjoy. I would love to hear what you can create from these stems.

July 11th Update: This contest has been exciting. Now that the contest deadline has passed, I will be listening to all of the entries many times. I want to thank everyone that entered for their hard work. I know these took a lot of time and many of these remixes are badass! This is going to be a hard decision. I plan on announcing the winners by the end of next week so make sure to check back.. Thanks again for a great experience! ~Chords of Truth

I challenge all of you potential epic remixers to see what is possible to create with these song stems (all remix genres welcome). I'm looking for a mind blowing experience that challenges the listener's perception of the world around them.

Something that will leave them changed forever after listening to one of your remixes. From what I hear, you will find the stems to provide a unique twist on "folk rock" style content in both acoustic guitar instrumentation, vocals and the lyrical/visual concepts. Essentially, some basic yet powerful material to showcase your skills through this mutually beneficial project.

Just to give you a quick insight into my musical tastes since my EP is essentially the acoustic guitar and my vocals. Most of my life I've listened to folk acoustic singer/songwriter style artists. But back in the mid 90's I listened to a lot of Industrial like NIN and Tool along with the bluesy Rock/Grunge like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin. Then I got into the jam bands like Phish, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd. By the early 2000's I was finally into the electronic styles of Paul Oakenfolk, Chemical Brothers, Sasha, Paul Van Dyke, ATB, etc... which led to an eventual reconnection with my folk acoustic roots along with all of the other styles of music (except Pop/Twangy Country, it still sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me :)

But I have always loved discovering alternate versions of great songs. I have even played several folk cover versions of songs like Billie Jean, Poker Face, and Sweet Dreams over the years. But I have not heard a lot of electronic remixes going the other way. Using the lyrical storytelling style of simple folk songs and turning them into badass, mind and body thumping remixes. Is there anybody doing anything with Binaural beats in electronic music (talk about altering consciousness)? The possibilities are endless. I am so excited to see what can be done.


The Winner and Runner-up will be selected by Chords of Truth to receive cash prizes of $125 and $75 respectively. All other remix entries will be considered for selection to participate in my upcoming Chords of Truth FREE Remix EP's download project, with full remix credit going to you.

And to get things rolling, I will send a free CD of "Reflections of Reality" to the first 6 remix entries submitted.
Just as a small thank you for getting involved.

Send us your sounds
Submit your finished
remixes to our dropbox


There are only a few things that I am going to ask of you if you're going to remix my songs.

NUMBER 1. I DO NOT want anyone taking these tracks and creating a hate filled or negative remix (lyrically). I am excited to see what you all come up with and all genres are welcome, but it has to stay positive in message. The primary purpose for Chords of Truth is to help empower everyone to challenge their perception of the world and create a positive experience for themselves and everyone around them. And we all know that's what the world needs.

So please keep it POSITIVE IN MESSAGE!

2. Use the following naming convention when posting your remixes so that we can all keep things organized, and both increase our exposure through this project.

      Chords of Truth - [song name] ([your moniker] [style] Remix)
ex. Chords of Truth - Listen (Tha Green Raver Dubstep Remix)


You can download all of the wav file stems from my Soundcloud remix account individually or you can click here to download the full song packs.
(Note: Multiple remix entries are encouraged)

  1)  Tune Your Mind
  2)  Listen
  3)  Moments
  4)  When I Was Wasted
  5)  The Power To Be Alive
  6)  Pop or Soda
  7)  What Life Is About

Song stems are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licensing.

That's basically it, so the rest is up to you. Do your thing! I'm talking whatever you can think of that will make it the most incredibly creative remix you have ever done : ) Be sure to share this page with all your friends or anyone else you think might be interested by using the links at the bottom of the page.

I have also set up a dedicated Chords of Truth Remix Contest Facebook page and Twitter account for posting some of the best remixes that come in and keeping everyone up-to-date on the contest. So be sure to follow one them..

Have fun and good luck! I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

And if you want to submit several different remixes... Please do!

You never know what's going to strike a chord at the right time.
As long as it has a good rhythm, then it will be awesome.  It's all creation, so share it with the world :)
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