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Chords of Truth (Jason Garriotte)

Summer 2011 Open Mic Tour

(pictures taken on my phone of the venues)

7-22-2011 Twisted Taco, Atlanta, GA 7-21-2011 River Street Tavern, New Orleans, LA
Atlanta GA Twisted Taco   New Orleans, LA

7-18-2011 Love & War in Texas, Dallas, TX      
Love and War in Texas  
Love and War in Texas
Me and my Cousin Monica

7-15-2011 Make My Day, San Antonio, TX   7-14-2011 Flipnotics, Austin, TX
Make My Day San Antonio Texas   Flipnotics Austin Texas

7-13-2011 Waterloo Ice House, Austin, TX   7-13-2011 Poodies Hilltop Bar & Grill
Spicewood, TX
Waterloo Icehouse   Poodies Hilltop Bar & Grill

7-12-2011 OPA! Coffee and Wine Bar, Austin, TX   7-8-2011 Big Fish Pub, Tempe, AZ
OPA Wine Bar, Austin TX   Big Fish Pub Tempe AZ

7-1 thru
Cousin Renee & Luke's Cabin
Show Low, AZ
    (Private Parties)
Video shot from deck just before I left
jason and renee
Me and my Cousin Renee

6-24-2011 Elk's Lodge No. 309,
Colorado Springs, CO
  6-23-2011 Benny's Lounge, Colorado Springs, CO
Elk's Lodge Colorado Springs, co   Benny's Colorado Springs co

6-21-2011 Buffalo Rose, Golden, CO   6-20-2011 Rock N Soul Cafe, Boulder, CO
Golden Co   Boulder co

6-19-2011 Rock Rest Lodge, Golden, CO      
Rock Rest Lodge Golden CO   Rock Rest Lodge Golden CO

6-16-2011 Alley Cat Coffee Shop, Fort Collins, CO   6-15-2011 Colorado Feed & Grain, Fort Collins, CO



  Colorado Grain and Feed Fort Collins CO Open Mic

6-14-2011 Tommy's Tavern, Denver, CO   6-13-2011 Ziggy's Live Music, Denver, CO



  Ziggys Denver CO Open mic

6-12-2011 Rock Rest Lodge, Golden, CO   6-9-2011 Michelangelo's Coffee and Wine Bar
Denver, CO
Rock Rest Lodge Golden Co Open Mic   Micelangelos Denver Open Mic

Micelangelos Denver Open Mic
6-4-2011 Private Party, Chicago, IL ()  




6-2-2011 Mad Anthony Brewing Company
Fort Wayne, IN
6-2-2011 Mad Anthony Open Mic    

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