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The Power To Be Alive

(The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix) ft. Man-u-iLL

Chords of Truth

The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix EP Preview

Chords of Truth - Reflections of Reality
(The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix)

Chords of Truth

The Chameleon Bio

Cas Weinbren (aka The Chameleon) is the music producer that has cleverly weaved his unique style of notes and rhythms into these classic folk style recordings to create a dynamic sound that can best be described as "Acidfolk".

Weinbren has taken the deep lyrics and vocal storytelling of "Chords of Truth" to a whole new level of energetic vibration through personal reinterpretation and created something truly amazing.

Weinbren has been working with music since a very young age when he was enrolled in New York City’s elite Professional Children’s School. At the age of 15 Weinbren had already composed a classical piece inspired by 9/11 that was featured for review in The New York Times.


By 18 he received a full scholarship to SUNY Purchase (White Plains NY). Though quickly recognized as the “crown jewel” of the University’s prestigious Jazz Conservatory he exited the program after his sophomore year.

Weinbren’s versatility overwhelmed him so he switched majors to Studio Composition. Studying with Conservatory Director Jim Mcelwain (teacher of Regina Spektor and Moby) Weinbren then began composing hip-hop, jazz, reggae, alternative, classical, and pop.

In the Spring of 2012, Weinbren discovered the Chords of Truth Remixed Contest and became inspired by the sound and lyrics that not only resulted in his participation in this project, but also his own project that infuses the forms of modern music, modern dance, modern art and technology to be premiered sometime in 2013.

Cas teamed up with Man-u-iLL on "The Power To Be Alive" for a hip hop take on the song. Man-u-iLL is a small business owner and up & coming MC hailing from Connecticut. His troublesome past and promising future permeates throughout "Chords Of Truth" and complements the original sample showing his versatility. You can check out his music at

And for "What Life is About", The Chameleon brought on singer/songwriter/critic Christian Recca from Northern New Jersey to sing the bridge for his remix. After causing various ear drums to bleed with his power trio, the Downtown Blues Hangover, Christian began working on an acoustic project, Mike TV. After nearly a five-year hiatus (occasioned by various personal traumas), Christian is back with a vengeance. You can read him at and hear him on the open mic circuit. Christian always likes to say, "If you listen to my stuff, I'll listen to yours."

"The Chameleon put his hands on the music by Chords of Truth, turning the minimal compositions into a dynamic set of acid-folk tunes.

It is incredible to see how a different musician can take the very same songs and twist them completely, according to new ideas, experiences and a different musical background.

The beats and new melodies bring the songs to a totally different place, but when compared to the original version, it is easy to see that the true nature of the songs is still there." ...full review  MoreMore Sound

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